“I’m crying happy tears because they captured the most magical day of our lives. You’ll have to experience it your self by booking them. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Katie and Mario

Our 2019 Florida wedding coverage starts at $2500

Elopement coverage starts at $1000

Engagement & Bridal sessions are $400

Not located in Florida? We're only a road trip or a plane ticket away from wherever you are. 🛩️


What’s your cash money going towards? Let’s take a look:

  • Both Chandler and Olivia as your photographers - yay, husband and wife team!

  • An average of 75-100 photos per hour. We never put a cap on how many we deliver.

  • Downloadable online gallery with edited high-resolution photos

  • Printing rights

  • Snacks for Chandler (crossfit makes you hungry)

Other benefits of having us as your photographers:

  • Quick response times and transparent communication

  • Timeline assistance

  • Advice and tips leading up to your wedding to ensure your photos are amazing

  • 4 week max delivery time



Keeping it real.

We make sure money is an easy conversation! We're open to discussing options and promise that we will do our absolute best to make it work for all of us. We only ask that you understand that a lot goes into what we do. Expenses, insurance, taxes, maintenance, and the cost of Note's favorite treats add up quick! Now that everything is out in the open...

It only takes $1000 to secure your date! Ready to get this party started? :)