Meet the Clements.


What’s up?! We're a couple of newlyweds ourselves who weren't engaged too long ago, so we completely understand this super exciting time in your life.

Let's get to know each other!



INFP. Tiny but mighty. Addicted to memes.

I’m the lead photographer on every wedding and am the first one you’ll talk to when you fill out our booking form! I tend to be an introverted homebody, but get really excited about things I’m passionate about (which includes you!). You can expect a lot of exclamation points and even more enthusiasm on your wedding day, ensuring you feel like a 12/10 in your photos. I only wear exceptionally comfortable clothes and would probably go bankrupt buying kombucha if left to my own devices.



ENFP. Basically a golden retriever. Frequent teller of dad jokes.

Yes, I was named after the character in “Friends.” Yes, I’ll be there for you. I’m a huge car guy and love anything that gets me outdoors- I was raised on the beach and go camping every chance I get. I’m a dog person, but am obsessed with our cat (see below for a photo of the good boy). I’m the stealthier half of our photo team and tend to focus on the little details. I’ve done tequila shots with the guys during the getting ready process and I definitely wouldn’t object to doing it again.


Notorious C.A.T

The business mascot. Cutie patootie and knows it.

“Note” for short. I love climbing trees and bringing mom and dad dragonflies. I talk way too much. Wet food is my favorite and my purrs are SO BIG. I have claws and I'm not afraid to use them, but I'm super cuddly, too.


What can you expect by choosing us?

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